5 Benefits of A Regular Worcester Bosch Service

A frequent and professional Worcester Bosch service will keep your boiler going all year round.

The range of Worcester Bosch boilers are among the most popular in use across the UK today. They’re strong, durable and up to any home-heating task. But, like anything, they require regular servicing to ensure they’re in top condition at all times. When you need them in a hurry, a well-serviced Bosch boiler is always ready for action.

Here at Plumbing Care Services, our qualified technicians are experts in all types of Worcester Bosch service task, and in this blog we’re going to share with you the reasons you should have your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced. Read on and discover how your vital home-heating appliance can be kept in top shape throughout the year.

Boiler Safety is Important

The primary reason for any Worcester Bosch service is to ensure it’s in proper working condition and that everyone in the house is safe from anything disastrous happening with the boiler. If left unserviced for many years, or if your boiler develops a fault, the result could be catastrophic. It is not unknown for boilers to explode and cause serious damage to property as well as injuries to those in the house or flat. Homeowners need to be aware of the real risks of having a boiler — however indispensable it may be as a home appliance — and make certain that it’s safe to operate.

Improved Heating Efficiency

And old or unreliable boiler is one that may not have been serviced in a long time. It’s highly likely that it’s not efficient at all in terms of the amount of gas it’s using and the amount of heat it’s providing around the house, whether for hot water or central heating. This costs money, and at a time of ever-increasing energy bills, no one wants that. So investing a relatively small amount now in a regular Worcester Bosch service will save you lots of cash in the long term, as well as keeping you warmer.

More Reliability

Let’s face it: boiler breakdowns are a major pain. Just when you want hot water, or when the house is cold and you want to quickly heat it up, your boiler goes on the blink. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially if you have little ones or elderly people in the house and they find it difficult to cope with the cold. If it’s winter time and plumbers are busy, you may be in for a long wait for a repair. A good Worcester Bosch service every now and then will help to ensure your boiler is reliable and works when you need it.

Gas Toxin Elimination

Carbon monoxide from gas appliances in the home has been called the “silent killer“, because you can’t smell the gas, but it can kill you if it builds up in your bloodstream. Every year, around 25 people lose their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales, and while that may seem like a small number out of 56 million people, it’s still devastating to those few families. Slash this risk in your home by having a Worcester Bosch service at least once a year.

Convenient Worcester Bosch Service Appointments

When an emergency in the home occurs, such as a boiler breakdown, you may be left with a long wait — days, even — for a repair person to turn up. In the meantime, you’ve got no heating or hot water, and you have to find the money for what may be a costly repair. By contrast, a Worcester Bosch service will be scheduled at a time that suits you. You can budget in advance for the bill and this far-sighted approach means your boiler is likely never to suddenly stop working.

If you’re interested in a Worcester Bosch service, or would simply like to know more about boiler servicing in general and what your options are, we’re here to help. Get in touch with Plumbing Care Services today and you could soon have a safer, more reliable and far more efficient boiler to heat your home.

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