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This article contains some of the common Arison Boiler Fault Codes that indicate what kind of repair your boiler needs. When your boiler needs a repair, it’s easy to feel frustrated and wonder if you have the right product. Ariston boilers make quality products with some modern features. All boilers need repairs and eventual replacement.

A Short History of Ariston Boilers

Ariston has been in business since 1930 when in Italy the company was founded by Aristide Merloni. In the 1960’s the company branched out and began in the production of water cylinders and electric water heaters, and it was during this period that Ariston as the brand that we all know now was founded and in the 1970’s as being a leader in making quality water heaters and boilers for residential and Commercial properties across Western Europe. In the 1980’s with the birth of gas combination boilers, Ariston then went onto produce boilers within this sector of water heating. Since then, the company has branched right across Europe and in the United States and Canada.

Ariston Boiler Repair – Fault Codes.

If you are an owner of Ariston boilers there are a few things that you need to be aware of in case your boiler has difficulties in it’s performance. Here’s a quick guide for you and if there is anything you are not sure about, don’t hesitate in contacting us here at Plumbing Care Services. We serve Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

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Ariston Low boiler pressure 108

If your boilers pressure gauge is reading 1bar or below, this means the pressure is incorrect.  Over time your boiler will lose its pressure and the above code is a very common issue with most boilers. Water leaks. If there is a water leak within the system within one of the pipes or seals, then this will drop the pressure of your Ariston Boiler fairly quickly as the boiler will not be able to perform well. This can lead to many problems if the leak within the system is not discovered quickly by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. If you have just bled your radiators, this will also cause a drop in the boilers pressure and needs to be rectified. (We can check this for you easily with a pressure test.)

How to pressurise your Ariston Combination Boiler

Turn your Ariston boiler off and give it plenty of time to cool down properly. This is very important!

Locate the filling loop on the boiler – this is a metal flexi hose with 2 valves attached with one at each end.

Attach the filling loop to your boiler, whilst ensuring it’s tight and secure. You may need to remove end caps from the pipes.

Open the valves on your filling loop (or valve if there’s just 1) to allow water from the mains into the heating system – you should hear the water flowing into your Ariston boiler whilst this is being done.

Keep a very close eye on the pressure gauge, filling it until it reaches 1 bar which is usually ideal – be careful not to over-pressurise

Turn the valves back to their original position to stop the flow of water when the reading is 1bar of pressure.

You should then release the filling loop – expect some water to come out of the loop. If water is continuously flowing, tighten the valves

Replace any end caps you removed from your boiler pipes.

We understand that this may seem to be a daunting task, so if you’re not sure of anything, please call us at Plumbing Care Services on 03333 441 399 so we can come and do this for you!

Ariston Boiler Fault 5P1 or 5P2Failing to ignite

If you find your Ariston Boiler with this reading, you must not try to investigate this yourself! This requires a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to look into this for you as there can be a number of very technical issues with this code reading such as blocked burner or ignition leads, broken diaphragms or an airlock within the system, a problem with the spark generator, no gas supply, low gas pressure or debris in the pilot jet. Check that the pressure on your Ariston Boiler is not too high as this can also lead to the code being shown. Call us here at  Plumbing Care services if you’re located in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Ariston Boiler Fault 501 – No pilot light 

Without the pilot light being on, your Ariston Boiler will not function at all. If the light is not coloured a strong blue, and is a yellow or orange colour then there may be a problem with a carbon monoxide leak. If you see the pilot light with this colour, immediately turn off your Ariston Boiler, open windows in the house and call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer as it requires urgent attention. Remember that carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous so a good plan is also to purchase a carbon dioxide reader in the meantime for your home.

Other causes of this code are:

  • A draft from the flue blowing out the flame
  • Faulty thermocouple
  • Blocked gas valve
  • Blockage within the boilers flue

Ariston Boiler Faulty fan A41

The boilers fan is a very important safety aspect of your Ariston Boiler, so if this reading is shown your Ariston Boiler will not work due to it shutting down for safety. Do not attempt to fix this yourself as this requires a Gas Safe Engineer to repair this part. 

Ariston Boiler Fault PCB error 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306 & 307

This is due to a fault within the printed circuit board on your Ariston Boiler as this operates all of the  electrical parts within the circuit board. If there is just a simple weak connection, this is very simple and relatively cheap to fix. If this is not the case, then the printed circuit board may need to be replaced by a Gas Safe Engineer as your Ariston Boiler will not be able to work.

Ariston Boiler Fault E34 – Faulty air pressure switch 

When you see this reading your boiler will of shut down, due to the safety feature on your Ariston Boiler, as the  air pressure is a vital component to the boiler as it sends all the harmful gases through the flue and away from your property. Only a Gas safe Engineer can investigate this as there can also be other problems within the system, such as a connection to the printed circuit board. Call us at Plumbing Care Services on 03333 441 399 if you live in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Ariston Boiler Fault 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 & 108 – Water circulation issue

If you have very little water to circulate around the system, then you will not be able to get any heat to your radiators. This reading can be either from a faulty pump, or a blockage within the pipes. If you have a big blockage from the sludge that comes from the system, then you may be advised to arrange for your radiators to have a power flush, which can lead to a longer life of your entire system. Here at Plumbing Care Services we offer this to our customers in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset. 

Ariston Boiler Fault E34 – Air pressure switch 

The air pressure switch is an essential part of your boiler, as it ensures that any harmful gases are being properly expelled from your property out of through the boilers flue. If there is an issue with the air pressure switch and this reading, the boiler isn’t in a safe condition and must be looked at immediately.

To fix this issue then only a Gas Safe Registered Engineer should investigate this when you see this error code on your Ariston Boiler. While the fault could be simply the air pressure switch, there’s also a possibility that it could be to do with the printed circuit board or the connection between the PCB and the air pressure switch.

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