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Call our Baxi and Potterton boiler specialists in Bristol – Plumbing Care Services now for all Baxi boiler and Potterton boiler repair and boiler service Baxi Accredited Installers for Bristol

If you need a Baxi boiler repair or Potterton boiler service in or around Bristol then get in touch with the boiler repair specialists at Plumbing Care Services. We can repair or service any Baxi or Potterton boiler in your home or business. We can also provide a free estimate for any new Baxi boiler or Potterton boiler including LPG and electric boiler models.

We are the top rated boiler repair Bristol specialist and our engineers are fully trained and accredited boiler repair specialists. As we carry out so many Baxi boiler repair jobs our team have Baxi accredited installer status, meaning longer warranties on any Baxi new boiler installation jobs.

Our Bristol heating engineers have been fixing Baxi and Potterton boilers since the 1990’s and we know them so well that customers are certain to receive an unrivalled heating engineer and boiler service plumber experience.

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New Baxi Boiler Quote Bristol

Sometimes it is not economical or wise to spend on an expensive boiler repair – Certainly if your current boiler is over 10 years old. Our new boiler installation engineers are accredited by Baxi themselves, as well as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant amongst others, and we are proud to say that we are amongst Bristol’s biggest Baxi and Potterton boiler installers by volume.

We have been fitting new Baxi boiler models for years and we have found them to be up there with the most reliable and easy to service new boilers on the market. Whatever your requirements Baxi boilers have a model for you – from the new Baxi Ecoblue with direct rear flue option and cupboard fit to the 40kw Ecoblue Advance Combi with over 16 litres per minute hot water flow rate.

Get in touch with our new boiler installation team for unbiased advice and a free new boiler estimate.

A handy table of the most frequently fitted Baxi combination boiler models and their hot water flow rates can be found below:

Worcester Bosch Model Hot Water Output Efficiency Max Flow Rate
Baxi Duo Tec 24 24kw 89% 9.8 l/m
Platinum 28 28kw 89% 11.5 l/m
Baxi 224 Combi 24kw 89% 9.8 l/m
Ecoblue Advance 33 33kw 89.1% 13.5 l/m

We are big fans of the Baxi Boiler company. Whether we are carrying out a Baxi boiler repair or fitting a new Baxi boiler we can always rest assured of excellent parts availability and top notch support from the Heatteam technical helpline. Our Bristol boiler repair and installation customers will always be able to book in a boiler repair or boiler service 24 hours a day.

Baxi Boiler Repair Bristol

Despite new Baxi boiler jobs in Bristol making up the majority of our work, our local heating engineers also specialise in Baxi boiler repair and Potterton boiler repair and boiler service in and around the whole of Bristol. Although Baxi boilers are known for reliability, extended warranties and best in class efficiency, every boiler will need maintenance and repair from time to time. Baxi Boiler Repair | Potterton boiler repair

Our Baxi boiler repair engineers throughout Bristol repair Baxi and Potterton boiler models fix poor hot water delivery, check Baxi boiler pressure and any other issues that any Baxi and Potterton boiler may have whether it is a few months old or several decades old. If we can find parts for your faulty Baxi boiler then we can repair it.

We aim for a same day boiler repair service and the Bristol emergency plumbers from Plumbing Care Services are on the road 24 hours a day helping out the people of Bristol when their central heating systems have stopped working.

Our most common Baxi boiler repair jobs include:

  • Baxi back boiler repair
  • Fixing low pressure on Baxi Combi and Potterton Performa boiler models
  • Faulty Baxi Combi models – usually related to PCB or Gas Valve
  • Repairing Potterton Netaheat and Potterton Profile boilers
  • Faulty Potterton Kingfisher MF repairs and servicing
  • Potterton Puma and Potterton Combi repairs
  • Potterton Suprima lockout and leaking heat exchanger
  • Baxi Solo boiler servicing and boiler repairs
  • Potterton Promax service and repair

As with all Baxi boiler repair issues, it is important to check your boiler pressure before calling a heating engineer! Baxi have their own how-to videos on this topic which can be found here, but if you are a Youtube fan then here is a handy video from the helpful folks at Vaillant to show you how:

Some Common Baxi Boiler Fault Codes

  • E78: Water Pressure Sensor Fault – Check Water Pressure
  • E109: Poor Circulation – Boiler Pump may be Faulty or blocked
  • E110: Overheat – Can indicate contaminated primary water or blockage in heat exchanger
  • E118: Low Water Pressure – System requires refill. Can also be a faulty pressure sensor
  • E128: Loss of Flame – Can be an issue with gas supply or boiler safety mechanisms. Call a Gas Safe Engineer.
  • E160: Fan Faulty – Call a Gas Safe Engineer

Baxi Boiler Service Bristol

Our Baxi Accredited Bristol heating engineers have been servicing, repairing and installing Baxi and Potterton boilers for over 20 years.

We are committed to the brand and we have found that their current range of boilers are amongst the highest quality and most easy to service new boiler models on the market now. Baxi are also currently providing some of the longest and most comprehensive free of charge new boiler warranties for their customers of any boiler manufacturer. Baxi boiler repairs | Fix Baxi boiler

We offer boiler service and maintenance plans for all Baxi and Potterton boilers, even the really old ones! We service and maintain everything from brand new Baxi Duotec boilers to 30 year old Baxi back boiler, Potterton Promax boiler and the dreaded Potterton Suprima!

Our management ensure that every boiler service undertaken by our Bristol boiler engineers meets or exceeds Gas Safety standards and our engineer code of conduct ensures we will treat your property with respect and honesty during any boiler repair, boiler service or new boiler installation.

If you need an emergency boiler repair or boiler service then give us a ring now.

Call Our Team to Book in your Baxi Boiler Repair, Boiler Service or Free New Boiler Estimate or use the contact form on this page for a quick callback. We repair faulty Baxi Boiler and Potterton Boiler 365 days a year.

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