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Biasi Boiler Repair

Biasi first started in business in 1938 and in 1940 the company began to manufacture boilers for residential homes. The company grew extensively and was at the forefront of producing gas boilers in 1986, where it has continued to be one of the most well known boiler manufacturers in Europe and the production facility is ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 accredited. The company then expanded to the United Kingdom in 1990 and is now a leading producer to meet the needs of the UK market. The company also makes central heating radiators, towel rails and LLow Surface Temperature radiators.

Here at Plumbing Care Services, we specialise in installing, servicing and repairing Biasi boilers for our customers in Bristol and across Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Biasi offers a free 2 year warranty on all new boiler installations.

Error Code? Biasi Boiler Repair

As with every boiler and heating product, Biasi boilers requires a yearly service and repairs that flare up. Here is a useful list of potential faults that these boilers can experience. If you need a repair for your Biasi boiler, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at Plumbing Care Service by calling 03333 441 399 (24 Hours)

Biasi Boiler has heating, but no hot water from the faucets.

The very first thing to check are your homes radiators because they may require to be bled. If they are working as they should, then the next thing to do is to look at your boiler to make sure it’s turned on and that the timers and thermostat are all correctly set. This is a common issue that is an easy fix. If this is not the problem then the  boilers diverter valve may have a fault as it is not allowing the hot water to be sent to the correct setting. ie your homes heating, your homes hot water, or both. If the diverter valve is at fault then you need to call a Gas Safe Registered professional, and this is not a diy fix! These are a common problem as the valves can get stuck in between functions. Should your boiler be only part heating radiators, whilst having hot water through the taps identifies that the valve is stuck. This can be a relatively cheap fix if the valve can be unstuck by a qualified engineer. However, this problem might just come back depending on the valves condition with wear and tear. 

Biasi Boiler Red And Green Lights Are Flashing

This identifies a problem with: 

Fan operation, or a faulty fan

Wrong air pressure switch signals, or a faulty air pressure switch.

The boiler will shut down as a safety mechanism in case the fault can become a safety hazard for the homeowner. If the fans are not blocked then the problem can be a signal and wiring issue which will require attention. 

Biasi Boiler won’t ignite properly.

your boiler won’t ignite if:

The fan isn’t operating properly.

There is a problem with the boilers burner

The gas supply is intermittent

Check the boilers fault code reading as this identifies the problem that needs attention or repairing.

Banging noise from the Biasi boiler

This occurs in the older versions and usually shows a ER01 fault code. This usually identifies a problem with blocked jets or a carbon build up within the boiler or a problem with the ignition. 

Is the Biasi boiler overheating?

If your boiler is overheating, this is a potential emergency which requires immediate attention. Do not try this yourself. You need to turn off the boilers supply of electricity and call a professional immediately, as there could be some extensive permanent damage caused to the internal parts by the overheating. 

What is the pressure of your Biasi boiler?

Should you have a lack of water pressure to your system, this will read on the boilers pressure gauge and if the pressure is low, it will read below 1bar. 

Check for leaks

Check radiators which may need bleeding

You can repressurise the system yourself, and if you give this a try, and the pressure has not increased, call a qualified Gas Safe Registered professional to do this properly for you.

Leaking from the base of the Biasi boiler.

If you notice water dripping from the base of the boiler, there is likely to be a failure of an internal part such as a rusty pipe, corrosion heat exchanger, auto air opening, an incorrect connection or faulty heating pump. Do not make any attempt to fix this. Turn off the mains water supply and contact a qualified Gas Safe Engineer so they can identify and fix the fault.

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