Boiler and Central Heating Tips for the Summertime

Our customers often ask us about any steps they should be taking to correctly maintain their gas boiler and central heating system during the warmer months. It may not seem a priority when it’s a blazing summers day outside, but a few easy procedures could be the difference between an operational system and an unwelcome boiler breakdown when it starts to get cold (right when all the heating engineers are at their busiest)!

Here are our Top 5 Recommendations for homeowners during the summer months:

1. Run your central heating once a month in the summer.

It may not be a welcome task when the sun is shining outside, but if you can get into the habit of turning your central heating on even for 10 minutes once every three or four weeks between May and August it will get all of the hydraulic components moving in your system such as the pump, the diverter valve and motorised zone valves if present. Inactivity is one of the biggest causes of boiler failure when the cold weather sets in and you can prevent it simply by turning the boiler on every now and then during the summer.

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2. Turn all the radiator TRV valves up to ‘Max’ when the system is off over the summer

In warm weather your TRV valves close down, this is the correct operational procedure for them. However if they have been turned down low and then the system is then turned off for the summer there is a chance they will become stuck in the off position. This will not affect you over the summer particularly, but when you come to switch the heating back on in the Autumn you will find that any affected radiators are stone cold. It will at very least require a competent person to free it up, or at worst may even require the system to be drained for the radiator valve to be replaced. You have a much better chance of avoiding this altogether if the valves are all turned to maximum while the system is dormant.

TRV Valves - Plumbing Care Services

3. Bleed radiators at the start of the summer.

Although your radiators will not likely be in use all summer it is always best if they are bled thoroughly and the system pressure checked afterwards (if applicable). Any pockets of air left in the radiators could be drawn into your boiler or pump even when the heating is off, causing airlocks or overheating. Oxygen in the radiators can also lead to hydrogen forming in the system which contributes to the corrosion of steel radiators and boiler components.

Bleed Radiators - Plumbing Care Services

4. Have your boiler service & Gas Safety checks carried out in the middle or end of the summer.

 At Plumbing Care Services we strongly advise all of our Bristol boiler, central heating and gas appliance customers to have their gas boiler servicing done in the warmer months. There are a number of benefits to this including easier scheduling and shorter wait times, the ability to test the customers boiler thoroughly and rectify any problems if present without the pressure of cold weather causing headaches, and the confidence it gives our customers heading into the colder months that their gas heating system has been tested and will not let them down. We can also advise on any upgrade work and even provide a new boiler installation quote if needed, as such jobs are often best carried out when the weather is warm. Check out the blog entry here for an example of why boiler servicing is so important.

Gas Boiler Safety Checks - Plumbing Care Services

5. Check your Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

As a Gas Safe registered company we cannot stress enough the importance of gas safety, and an operational Carbon Monoxide detector can play an important role in protecting your home. Although your heating and gas fires will be turned off over the summer remember that your boiler is still likely to be on producing hot water and your cooker and any other gas appliances may also be working as usual. Take time to check your Carbon Monoxide alarm for correct positioning and operation over the summer and it won’t let you down when you need it most.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Plumbing Care Services

Our Bristol plumbers and heating engineers are here to help around the clock over the summer if you need help with any of the tips above or any other plumbing and heating issues in your home.

Call us now or use the contact form on this page for a quick callback. We are here ready to help day and night all year round.

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