Common Boiler Problems Our Plumbers in Bristol Can Repair

Worried about a boiler issue and wondering if you should call somebody out to help? Here are the frequent problems we’re more than happy to help with.

There is a boiler in almost every home in the UK.

Up and down the country, they tick over, heating our houses and warming our water. But with so many out there and so much for them to do, complaints and problems are commonplace. Chances are that at some point in your life, you’ll have a handful of boiler issues that need to be sorted out.

This can be a stressful time, but working with Plumbing Care Services means all that stress and worry can be taken away. If you are concerned there may be an issue with your boiler, here’s a list of common problems our plumbers in Bristol can easily repair.

Your Radiators Are Cold

Cold radiators can be a major problem, especially in the winter.
The cause of cold radiators can range from simple and easy to fix, to incredibly complex. We advise that you first check to see how many radiators are cold. If every single one is cold, you could have an issue directly with the boiler, which will need looking at separately.

If this is the case, yet the boiler appears to be operating correctly, the problem is likely to some complex internal issue, or a separate issue with the piping connecting the radiators. Attempting to fix this kind of problem yourself is highly inadvisable.

But not to worry; our plumbers in Bristol are on hand to provide professional solutions to your radiator conundrum.

If only one or a few are cold, the issue is likely to isolate to the radiator itself, and can usually be fixed yourself, by bleeding the radiator or extracting sludge from the pipework. Please be aware that if you are not confident in assessing the health of your radiators, we are more than happy to send out a professional to inspect them.


The Pilot Light Has Gone Out — And Won’t Reignite

A faulty pilot light is a very common boiler problem many of us face during our lifetimes. The key is assessing the cause of the outage.

First, we advise you read the boiler manual. Different boilers have different methods of igniting a pilot light and you may have to try the recommended method several times before you can get it working again — especially with an old appliance.

If that doesn’t work, try clearing the area around the pilot light. Debris, such as soot and dust, can clog the valve over time and stop it igniting.

If that doesn’t work either, do not attempt to take the boiler apart in search of answers. Do not attempt to repair it yourself by ordering parts. It may be a small, simple-looking feature, but a pilot light is an integral part of your boiler system and messing with it can cause major issues.

 If you cannot get your pilot light to reignite, don’t sit and wait in the cold. Call out one of our plumbers in Bristol and we’ll make sure your heating is back up and running in no time!


The Boiler Keeps Switching Itself Off

Sometimes, your boiler can seem like it is working just fine, then randomly shut itself off. After a while you can get it going again, but soon it does the same thing.

This is often because the boiler has built-in safety features to stop it being damaged by faults in the system. If your boiler keeps turning off, it is unlikely an electricity supply issue and more likely because of a problem with water flow.

You can try to fix the problem yourself by checking the water flow valves on the underside of the boiler (if yours has them) and bleeding the radiators to ease pressure in the system. If you try these methods and you still have the issue, there is likely a more major fault with the internal works of the boiler. This is often down to valves inside the appliance or a broken water pump.

This problem will likely get worse over time if not repaired. While it may be tempting to just let the boiler switch itself off from time to time, we highly recommend having one of our plumbers in Bristol come out to assess the problem.

There Are Strange Noises Coming From The Boiler

Sometimes, you might hear sounds coming from your boiler. Some of these noises are harmless, while others are cause for concern. The appliance may grumble or groan when first coming on, or even hum when constantly active. These noises are totally normal.

If, however, you hear the following, something is definitely not right with your boiler, and it’s time for our Plumbers in Bristol to take a look:

  • Clanging
  • Thudding
  • Whistling
  • Gurgling

Those clanging and thudding noises, like knocks coming from inside the boiler, are often caused by something called kettling. This is an accumulation of limescale inside the boiler, causing pressure to build up inside. While most modern boilers are built to withstand such pressures, the damage is likely occurring internally and efficiency will be dramatically reduced.

Whistling, however, is more likely down to trapped air within the system, while gurgling is caused by blockages.

As you might have guessed, all these noises signal some pretty major internal boiler issues — issues that should only ever be approached by a plumber.

Experiencing the problems listed above, or any other strange occurrences with your appliance? Get in touch with Plumbing Care Services right now! Don’t leave a boiler problem to simmer, as it’ll often get worse. Call our Plumbers in Bristol, let them get to work and worry no more about your boiler.


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