Why is Boiler Servicing Important? Our Somerset Plumbers Explain

Heard talk of boiler servicing, but not quite sure what it is and how it could be beneficial to you? Don’t worry: in this blog, our local plumbers in Somerset discuss everything you’ll ever need to know.

You may have read about it online. You may have come across it in forums or social media. You may have heard talk about it in the office, or it might just be something you noticed on our website. However you bumped into it, one thing is certain: there is a rising interest in boiler servicing.

For many, the idea of routine maintenance for their boiler is an alien concept. Most people only call out plumbers when something goes wrong. So, what exactly is boiler servicing and why is it becoming so popular?

Plumbers in Somerset Talk Boiler Servicing: What Does it Mean?

Every year, your car goes in for an MOT and a service. Professionals look over the machine and search for faults and potential problems. The car is then brought up to a strict standard of running quality and put back on the road.

This is essentially what a boiler service is.

There is no set time schedule for a boiler service, although our plumbers from Somerset recommend you have it done annually. During a service, a professional plumber will inspect your machine, covering a comprehensive checklist of processes similar to a vehicle MOT. They will look for problems with parts, blockages, safety, efficiency and examine the whole central heating system.

After the service, they may reassure you with a clean bill of health, or make recommendations on part replacements or work that should be carried out to keep your boiler in tip-top shape. Unless there are any faults that lead to serious safety concerns or are found to be in violation of gas and boiler-related laws, it is at the homeowner’s discretion to carry out recommended maintenance.

 If you think your boiler could use a service, contact our local plumbers in Somerset today. We’re experts in boiler servicing and maintenance and can make sure nothing is getting the way of top gas and heating performance.

The Benefits of Boiler Servicing

This may all sound great, but what exactly is the point of it all? Why call our professional plumbers in Somerset to perform boiler servicing? There are numerous benefits to having your boiler checked over annually, including:

A Longer Life for Your Boiler

The average boiler can last up to 15 years before being replaced. Some can last even longer than that. But, just like a person who doesn’t take care of themselves, a boiler won’t make it through its golden years without a bit of help. Annual maintenance schedules ensure that your boiler is always running on working parts and isn’t about to shut down from wear-and-tear.

Reducing Emergency Call-Outs

It’s hard to escape the car maintenance analogy when talking about boiler servicing, simply because it is such a tangible example of a similar service. Imagine a car without servicing or MOT. Eventually, a part would break. It could be on the driveway, or it could be on the motorway. The result is the same: you need an emergency call-out to get it fixed and running, or you face a slog without it.

The same can be said for boilers and boiler service. If you don’t get one of our plumbers from Somerset out to look at your boiler, one day, something will go wrong. It’s an inevitability of time, plus working machinery without proper maintenance. No matter how expensive or modern your boiler is, things will eventually go wrong. It’s not a scare tactic; it’s just a fact of operating appliances like a boiler.

A service, like an MOT, helps prevent these emergency call-outs by spotting and repairing internal issues that you couldn’t notice yourself before they become bigger problems.

<call to action> If worst does come to worst and you are ever in need of an emergency plumber, be sure to contact Plumbing Care Services right away. Call 03333 441 399 without delay!


Better Energy Efficiency

We know exactly what you’re going to say: you haven’t performed maintenance on your boiler before and you’ve only ever had a couple of issues — most likely with a pilot light. However, just because a problem isn’t obvious, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

One major occurrence associated with a poorly maintained boiler is decreased efficiency. While your boiler may keep trucking along without servicing, problems such as wearing parts and partial blockages can really pull down performance. To keep your home heated properly and your water warm, the boiler will have to work harder, which results in it using more energy to operate.

Servicing stops this from happening. It ensures that problems are identified, parts replaced and blockages cleared. The boiler can then perform unhindered, maximising efficiency.

Save Yourself Some Money

What do shorter boiler lifespans, emergency plumbing call-outs and-and reductions in efficiency all have in common? They cost you money.

  • An inefficient boiler can lead to rising energy bills
  • Boiler replacement can cost thousands
  • Emergency repair can lead to unnecessary fees

Boiler servicing, of course, is not free. However, the price of an annual service is likely to negate the high and long-term costs of these major problems. When looking to keep costs down, as many 21st century Britons are, boiler servicing is a smart move.

Concerned that you’ve been neglecting to care for your all-important boiler? Don’t panic! Get in touch with your local plumbers in Somerset here at Plumbing Care Services and we’ll arrange your boiler service right away.


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