Combi Boiler Repair and Ownership Guide: Everything You Need to Know

What is a combi boiler, how do you look after it and what should you do if something goes wrong? Find out all you need to know in our ownership guide

Are you the proud owner of a new-age combi boiler?

Not sure how to deal with combi boiler repairs, what a combi boiler is or how to take care of it?

Don’t worry! At Plumbing Care Services, we are experts in all the latest appliances. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the combi boiler.

What is a Combi Boiler?

We’re often asked the simple but understandable question: What is a combi boiler?

Derived from the word combination, a combi boiler is a heating system that warms both your central heating and hot water through a single unit. It replaces the need for a hot water tank, resulting in a more energy-efficient home and instant access to hot water.

Homes with combi boilers don’t have to wait for the hot water tank to heat up, nor do they have to pay to keep hot water warm while it isn’t being used. They are a relatively new innovation, yet have risen quickly in popularity due to their ability to not only save money on energy bills but also space.

No hot water tank means extra room in the home.

How Should You Care for a Combi Boiler?

Well-designed and robust appliances, combi boilers don’t need much TLC. However, they aren’t completely without fault. There are a few steps you should take to ensure you take proper care of your boiler and central heating system:

  • Regular Maintenance — As time goes on and a combi boiler sees more and more use, its parts will start to wear down. Maintenance is required to ensure it carries on operating efficiently and doesn’t develop faults. We recommend annual servicing, just as you would a car.


  • Regular Use — An inactive combi boiler system is likely to develop issues such as blockages, formation of debris and the build-up of mildew and limescale. Keeping the pipes pumping on a regular basis ensures this doesn’t happen. Of course, you’ll be using hot water all throughout the year, but remember to occasionally turn on your central heating to pump out any potential problems, too.


  • Keep an Eye Out for Problems — A minor problem can quickly turn into a major one with an appliance as complicated as a combi boiler. Being aware of potential issues and watching out for them will help you avoid major faults.

What Are Some Common Combi Boiler Faults?

Depending on the type of combi boiler you own, you may experience problems you would have with old-fashioned style boilers, such as pilot light issues. However, due to their nature as a different kind of boiler to your more traditional setup, combi boilers are affected by a small handful of issues that you may not be familiar with:

  • Low Water Pressure — Most combi boilers have a pressure gauge located on their external shell. If the pressure falls below 0.5, it is lower than it should be. Leaks in the system can cause this issue. It could be a problem with the unit itself or a fault elsewhere in your central heating system flowing back to the boiler.


  • Overheating Unit — Blockages or faults in the gas pressure systems of a combi boiler can cause the appliance to overheat. If you notice your unit is hot to the touch, get it checked immediately.


  • Cycling of Hot to Cold Water — Experiencing constant shifts between hot and cold water when showering or running the hot water tap? Either the combustion within the unit is faulty, or there is a minor blockage limiting water supply.


  • Hot Water but Not Heating or Vice-Versa — If your hot water is working but your heating isn’t, or your heating is working but your hot water isn’t, you’ll be forgiven for being a bit confused. The boiler must be working to achieve at least one of these, right? Correct. However, combi boilers have numerous valves and connections that allow them to control how heat is diverted. If you are experiencing this issue, it is likely some internal parts need replacing, or there is a blockage in the system.


  • Boiler Cutting Out — A combi boiler is a state-of-the-art system, designed to operate at high levels of safety. If the unit detects a problem, it will cut out to avoid damage to itself or property. It could be a minor or a major fault and will need a thorough inspection by a trained plumber.

Combi Boiler Repairs and How to Handle Them

When it comes to combi boiler repairs, it is always better to let a professional handle the job.

Combi boiler repairs are complex, involving specialist tools and knowledge. More technologically advanced than your traditional boiler and central heating system, combi boilers are not appliances to mess around with.

For the safety of yourself and your family, ensure you do not carry out combi boiler repairs and instead hire a plumber with noted experiencing dealing with such models. At Plumbing Care Services, out highly-qualified engineers are capable of repairing almost any combi boiler on the market, including:

  • Worcester Bosch
  • Baxi
  • Vaillant
  • Glow Worm
  • Ideal
  • Biasi
  • Viessmann

Understanding how your boiler works, how to look after it and what to do when things go wrong is a vital part of combi boiler ownership. Keep the information in this blog in mind, care for your appliance and you’ll find it chugging away happily in the corner for years to come.

In need of combi boiler repair or maintenance? Get in touch with Plumbing Care Services today and we’ll arrange a callout with one of our highly-qualified combi-boiler specialists.

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