Our Most Common Combi Boiler Repair Jobs

Its summertime and there is a major heatwave happening in Bristol right now. I doubt that any of our plumbing customers are using their central heating very much at the minute, however despite the heat it is worth sparing a thought for the hardworking combi boilers in the City as they are probably working just as hard now as they do in the winter months. As any of our combination boiler repair engineers will tell you the humble combination boiler is the hardest working appliance in the home (other than possibly the fridge freezer). We rely on our combi boilers to provide hot water all year round for morning showers, baths for the kids and washing the dishes – not to mention the central heating duties in the winter months. Our Gas Safe heating engineers carry out almost as many combi boiler repair jobs (usually hot water repair visits) in the summer as in the winter, and a quick look at our jobsheets shows our most common combination boiler repair jobs surrounding both relatively new combination boilers and older combination boiler models:

Our 3 Most Common Combi Boiler Repair Jobs:

1. Lack of Boiler Pressure:

Some homeowners panic when their heating or hot water stops working, especially when the hot water is not working. That’s understandable as a total hot water failure can mean showers at the gym and boiling kettles to bath the baby – lets face it, any combi boiler repair or maintenance needed is not a welcome situation! Before calling an emergency plumber about your combi boiler, it is worth checking the heating system pressure. This will usually be visible on a gauge on the front fascia of the boiler (or sometimes underneath), and it can be either an analogue gauge like the one pictured below as commonly used on Worcester Bosch boilers or a digital readout such as those on Vaillant Ecotec combi boilers depending on your combi boiler model. Whether you have a new combi boiler or an old one, if your boiler is showing little or no pressure eg below 0.5 bar then this may well be the reason for the boiler breakdown. Follow these steps to repressurise and you will be on your way to a working boiler once more.

low pressure combi boiler repair

2. Hot Water Repeatedly Cycling Hot & Cold

This is a very common combination boiler issue, and one that our Bristol Plumbers find on a daily basis when they are out on boiler repair duty. The typical way this manifests itself is for a high output tap such as the bath and / or shower to cycle from very hot to very cold, over and over again. This makes showering virtually impossible and as such can really set you up for a bad day if you are taking a shower before work! The usual causes of this are overheating due to a hydraulic issue or a blockage somewhere in a combination boiler pipe or heat exchanger. If this is happening to you then contact us now to book an engineer visit as there is probably little you can do yourself to fix it.

combi boiler repair Bristol

3. Noisy Boiler & Boiler Overheating:

Need a combi boiler repair ?

All combination boilers make noise, we take that as a given, however some older combi boilers can make an awful racket when starting up or when working at high rate. Age is one of the biggest factors in how much noise a boiler makes as hydraulic parts can become loose, fan bearings can wear out, rivets can start to work their way free and boiler overheating can occur due to blockages which have built up over time. When this happens regularly it can cause the overheat limit thermostat safety device function to activate, causing nuisance boiler failures. It may be worth booking a boiler service with one of our heating engineers to assess the situation. If the boiler is just too far gone then perhaps a new boiler quote is in order which we will be happy to provide.
The Bristol plumbers team at Plumbing Care Services are here to help all year round if you are experiencing any of the combi boiler repair issues above. We are always happy to discuss any Bristol boiler engineer enquiry over the phone if you have any questions – please do not hesitate to call.

Call us now or use the contact form on this page for a quick callback. Our plumbing and heating engineers are here ready to help  day and night all year round.

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