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Amptec and Trianco Electric Boiler Installation

There are a variety of heating solutions available for homeowners and businesses, but not all methods of heating are equal. What it comes down to is the location and layout of the home, some methods of heating may be more suitable than others. The advantages of electric heating can make it the most efficient, affordable, and reliable option for you. Here at Plumbing Care Services we specialise in installing Amptec and Trianco electric boilers for our customers in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset. 

There are many benefits that make installing an electric heating system the way to go for most homes. Here are just some of the main points to be aware of and consider.


Electric Boiler Benefits 

Affordable & Efficient

Unlike other heating systems, electric heating costs have remained stable over the years. One of the best reasons to install an electric heater is that they can be independently installed from each room, which  means that, if a room isn’t in use, it doesn’t need to be heated, which will help you save a lot of energy costs. This makes electric heaters an inexpensive system to install. One of the other real benefits is that electrical heating systems can last longer than other methods of heating, keeping repair and parts replacement costs to a minimum. One of the biggest selling points of electric boilers is their energy efficiency, with around a 99% efficiency rate for the user. 

Environmentally Friendly

As electric heaters don’t rely on burning anything, no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, and generates no emissions and eliminates the risk of gas leaks. This heating also preserves natural resources, as it does not require fuel. 

Safe & Reliable

Electric heating is the safest possible heating solution for your home, as there are no combustible gases, burning materials or noxious harmful fumes. Most electrical heating has no moving parts, which means that there is a much lower chance of the system breaking down, so your heating system will last for a long time, compared to a gas or oil heating system. 


The main thing to remember when considering installing an electric boiler is they don’t produce waste gas. This simply means there is no lost heat at all, resulting in much better fuel efficiency. Many models are 99% efficient, which out performs heating systems that are powered by gas or biofuel. 

Cheaper installation cost

It is easier to instal an electric boiler to the mains than it is to install a new gas line. All it takes is some additional wiring by a Part P qualified and registered electrician or heating engineer. As a result of these facts, electric boiler installation is usually a cheaper option for the home owner.


As electric boilers don’t require a flue there is no waste gas to expel. As a result, they can be placed in many more locations within a property. No fuel tank is needed either so the units are much smaller and can be installed in many places that a gas boiler can’t be, such as cupboards or in small spaces. 

Easier & cheaper maintenance

The only maintenance your electric boiler will need is to periodically clean out the tank to get rid of any debris. There is also no burning, so no residue to clean or concerns about pilot lights. This will inevitably also result in fewer repairs and costs associated with this.

Quiet whilst in operation

When in use, electric boilers are very quiet, as they do not require elements within the boiler moving to generate its heat.

Things to consider before choosing an electric boiler installation

There are, as with all heating systems some minus points which the homeowner needs to know of before installing an electric heating system.

Less heat produced

The major thing to keep in mind with electric boilers is they can’t generate as much heat as gas appliances. They are perfect for smaller homes but may struggle to effectively heat a much larger property. It’s a good idea to consider your heating needs and make sure the boiler you select can meet them. The best thing to do is speak to us today by calling 03333 441 399 to book an estimate, so we can properly assess what is the best option for you and your home’s heating requirements.

Electricity is more expensive

Everybody knows that gas is cheaper than electricity. As a result, the boilers running costs will be a little higher than that of a gas boiler. Even a unit that is more efficient than its gas counterpart will have slightly higher bills. But the long term benefits of maintenance and installation costs of an electric heating system can make up for the additional fuel costs.

Not suitable for high levels of hot water usage

Electric heaters are not a suitable option for homes that have a high water usage as these boilers are more limited in the amount of water that they can heat at any one time. It is also worth noting that with a larger property, or those with higher levels of hot water usage such as a flat share, these properties will be much better suited to that of a conventional gas boiler system.

Power cuts

It’s worth remembering that should there be a power cut this will shut your heating and hot water off. If you are located in an area where you experience electrical power cuts you will likely be better served with a gas boiler.


Here at Plumbing care services, we install and maintain Amptec and Trianco electric boilers for our customers in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset. We can provide you with an estimate for installations, and If you would like for us to make a professional recommendation as to what you would be best suited for your home, we are more than happy to help! Call the experts today at 03333 441 399.

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