Electric Boiler Repair

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Electric Boiler Repair

There are many benefits of having an electric water heater installed in your home, which is something many people don’t realise. There are quite a few choices to look into when considering replacing your water heater from a gas supplied to an electric heater. When electric boilers require an inspection or repair, there are a few things to look out for that will indicate what the problem may be.

The main difference between electric and gas water heaters is the heat source. With electric water heaters, the water is heated by 2 electric heating elements at the top and bottom that extends into the water tank. Gas water heaters have a gas burner that heats the water from below the tank. Should your electric heater have no hot water, the main culprit will probably be from a failed water heating element. This is a quick and relatively cheap fix. There are obviously other things that can crop up, and in this article we will try to explain what some of these problems will mean.

Electric Boiler Repair Bristol

Before checking your Electric Boiler Turn Off The Power

As electric heaters have a  240 volt supply, this makes them incredibly dangerous to work with should the power remain on (or you don’t know what you’re doing). The FIRST thing you do is to shut off the mains supply to the water heater on the circuit breaker in your home. If you have one (which you really should before you try this) is to use a non-contact volt checker of the wiring to the electric boiler, to ensure this is safely switched off following shutting off the main switch to the power supply. Check, check and check again! 

Electric Boiler not producing any hot water

The first thing to do is to check the boilers power supply. Has the supply of energy been shut off at the circuit breaker? Should this be the case, the best thing to do is to switch it back on. Should this not be the case you can attempt to reset the temperature limit on the boiler. To do this check the manual of your boiler with instructions for your specific make of boiler. 

Boiler is not producing hot enough water

Electric Boiler Repair - no hot water

Check the boilers water demand at the time. Should you have a larger household, then your boiler size may not be suitable for your requirements. Try to limit the use or length of showers and a good idea is to instal a ‘low flow’ shower head, and also properly time the use of the hot water supply. Should this not be the case, then one of the heating elements is failing, as electric boilers have 2 of these. When water is running too hot, it usually means the thermostat is set too high. Check to make sure the upper temperature is set at 60 degrees.

Water leak of boiler

Electric boilers can be prone to the occasional leak through constant use or simply the age of the unit. As leaking water can cause an incredible amount of damage to yours, and your neighbors home (should they live below you) it is imperative that the leak is repaired immediately, so things don’t progress further! These leaks can be anything from a loose connection of the heating element or even the corrosion of the water tank. Check for obvious loose fittings or corrosion of parts or connections, and obviously for any water which is leaking. Should the elements be loose, you can try to tighten them with an element wrench. Should the tank be corroded, this means that the boiler is no longer working and must be replaced. To stop the leaking, make sure that the power supply is off (instructions above) then simply drain the tank properly to ensure the leak will no longer be a problem…or call us here at Plumbing Care Services in Bristol!

Water colour is rusty

Should the water come out of the taps a yellow or rusty colour, this indicates that your electric boiler is corroding. If your water has an ‘eggy’ odour to it, this indicates that your electric boiler has bacteria within the water tan. Replacing the anode rod may be required.

Electric water heater making noises

Does your boiler make some unusual noises? This can mean a few things, such as the boiler producing the hot water, but can also indicate sediment in the bottom of the tank. This can cause the boilers base to overheat, and to boil the water. The engineer will simply shut down the boiler and drain out the sediment. Should this not help, then unfortunately this will mean that the boiler will need to be replaced. 

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