Elson tank repair

If for any reason you find yourself in a situation where your Elson Water Tank is not producing any hot water, there are a few things you can check before calling us on 03333 441 399.

Need an Elson Tank Repiar?

One of the first things to try if there is no hot water, is to check the thermal cut off switch. To locate this switch, check the instruction manual from the heater. It could mean that the thermal cut out has tripped and just needs to be reset.

Please be aware that the water contained in the cylinder may be very
hot, especially following a thermal control failure.
Caution must be taken at all times when drawing water from
the unit.

Servicing should only be carried out by a competent and qualified person in the installation and maintenance of unvented water heating systems.

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Elson tank repair

Fault Finding of your Elson InDirect Unvented Cylinder

No hot water:
Problems with the water mains supply – Check stop cock of the water supply.

The cylinders strainer is possibly blocked – Turn off water supply and simply remove the strainer and clean of any debris.

Cold water combination valve was not fitted correctly – Check and call us to re fit and service.

Water from hot tap is cold:
Direct immersion heater not switched on – Check the switch and turn on.

Direct immersion heater thermal cut-out has operated – Check, and reset by pushing the button on the thermostat.

Indirect programmer was set to central heating only – Check programmer and set to hot water programme.

Indirect boiler not working – Check operation of the boiler. If there is any fault, check the manufacturer’s instructions, and call us if there is no easy fix.

Indirect thermal cut-out has operated – Check, and reset by pushing the button on the thermostat, then check operation of the indirect thermostat.

Indirect motorised valve not connected correctly – Check the wiring & plumbing connections to the motorised valve.

Water discharges from the expansion valve:
Intermittently. The expansion vessel charge pressure has reduced below 3.5bar or it is set too high – See maintenance manual for recharging the expansion chamber vessel procedure.

Continuous. Cold water combination valve pressure reducer not working correctly.- If the water pressure is more than 3.5bar you may need to replace the pressure reducing valve.
The expansion valve seat is damaged.- Check condition of seat and if required, fit a new expansion valve to the system.

Water discharges from Temperature and Relief Valve:
This is usually caused by the Thermal Control. (Please be aware that the water will be very hot should this be the problem)
Switch off the power to the heaters and shut down the boiler. DO NOT turn off the water supply. When the discharge stops, check all the thermal controls as these may require replacing.

Milky water discharge: Oxygenated water – Oxygenated water is caused by the pressurised system, which releases oxygen bubbles when the water flows. This is perfectly normal and should disappear after a short period of time.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Elson Hot Water Tank, please contact us today to book a repair or maintenance check for your Elson Water Tank in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset, call the experts at Plumbing Care Services today. Call 03333 441 399 or fill out our contact form

Elson tank repair in Bristol

A bit of background history about Elson

Elson started life as the Plumbing Company back in 1919 where it was based in the South Shields area of the United Kingdom. The name Elson came from the person invented their famous combination tank: the Elson Tank. The company continued trading and producing the Elson Tank up to 1968, and in 2000, Elson became a member of the Baxi Group when Baxi and Newmond merged. The comapny has continued producing some of the most reliable hot water heaters available in the U.K., whilst supplying not only home owners, but are also a major supplier for local authorities and housing providers, and within the private sector working with new build developers and builders. This is due to their very well made heating products and the guarantees that Elson offers their customers of new hot water tanks.

Elson makes Unvented Magaflo Cylinders, Electric Unvented Storage Water Heaters for multiple basins and sinks as well as Instantaneous Electrical Heaters which are ideal for cloakrooms and holiday accommodation due to their small size, which can be fitted almost anywhere that has a cold water mains supply. They also produce Electric Vented Hot Water Storage for single sinks or units. For the older property they produce their Megalife cylinders for properties that don’t have a direct mains pressure supply and are fed via a cold water cistern, which can usually be found in the attic.

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