Emergency Plumber Callouts: How to Reduce Risks While You Wait

Sudden plumbing problems in the home may require an emergency plumber. Here are some basic things you can do before they get there.

It’s an unfortunate fact of home life that various parts of plumbing in your home will simply fail at some point, and maybe even multiple times. Unless it’s something minor, it’s important not to try and deal with it yourself, but to get immediate help by contacting a reputable emergency plumber.

With luck, your emergency plumber will be at your home in a flash. But you could also be waiting a while. This is especially true during periods when there’s a strain on plumbing systems, like when it starts getting cold in the early winter and people begin using their boilers, central heating and other plumbing-related installations again.

During the frosty winter months, serious boiler problems can occur when water pipes freeze. The plummeting temperatures can also wreak havoc with modern condensing boilers. This means your local emergency plumber may be run off their feet and you’ll have a long wait before they get to you. You can be sure, however, that at Plumbing Care Services, our emergency plumbers will get to you as soon as they possibly can, no matter how busy they are.

So while you’re waiting, whether, for a long or short spell, it’s worth knowing that there are some things you can do to try and improve your emergency plumbing situation. We strongly caution, however, that you do not attempt to do anything you feel might put yourself and others in the house at risk. If in doubt, leave it alone — the house is not going to fall down by the time your emergency plumber arrives.

Reducing Risks Before Emergency Plumber Arrives: The Three ‘C’s

➤ Containment

The first thing you should attempt when you have an urgent problem and are waiting for your emergency plumber to arrive is to try and contain it. If it’s a burst water pipe and it’s spraying water everywhere, inside or outside the house, turn off the water mains — assuming you know where it is (it may be outside the house, by the road). If not, search along the ruptured water pipe, if you can, and see if there is a valve somewhere along it that you can use to turn off the supply. If you’re dealing with something like a blocked drain that’s overflowing, don’t try and shove something down it to stop the flow. That may well make it harder to unblock when the emergency plumber turns up.

➤ Consideration

Next, pay attention to the house as a whole, and consider what impact the current plumbing emergency might have on it and those living in the house. If, for instance, water from a leaking upstairs pipe is coming through a downstairs ceiling and near to light fixtures, you may have an electrical risk. Even if you think water might not get into the electrics, you can’t know for sure, and it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Turn off the electricity by using the master switch in the fuse box, and wait for the emergency plumber. As well as saving money in damage prevention, you could also be saving lives.

➤ Clearing

If you have managed to contain the problem, be it a leaking pipe or something else — and even if you haven’t — make an effort to clean the area as much as you can. Mop up water and clear anything that’s in the way. This not only gives the emergency plumber room to work, so they can quickly fix the problem, but it also stops occupants of the house, especially small children, from slipping and injuring themselves. If the leak persists before the emergency plumber comes, consider putting down newspapers or magazines to soak it up. Don’t be afraid to use towels and items of clothing too, as you can always wash them afterwards.

When your emergency plumber does arrive and gets to work, give him or her plenty of space to do the job. So don’t hover and don’t worry — they will ask if they need anything.

It’s advisable to keep the number of an emergency plumber handy, as emergencies arise without warning.

Find out more about emergency plumbing in the Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire areas by contacting the experts at Plumbing Care Services.

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