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Ferroli has been producing heating appliance design and development for more than 50 years and now operates in over 100 countries worldwide. The full range of their boilers are manufactured in Verona, Italy.

With every boiler, Ferroli manufactured boilers experience problems with constant use and when the winter season kicks in. Here at Plumbing Care Services we serve Bristol, Somerset & Gloucestershire for all Ferroli Boiler customers. Here is a list of fault codes and possible issues that may arise with these boilers.

Please note that we do not suggest that you try to rectify any faults listed as this may put your safety at risk, and also cause any warranties the boiler may have. The best thing to do is call us at Boiler Care Services for 24/7 emergency repairs.



Common problems with Ferroli boilers

Ferroli Boiler Pressure loss

Check for any leaks from the boilers pressure relief valve, or any of your homes radiators. If you can’t locate this, the problem is that it’s usually an issue with the expansion vessel which will need to be repressurised. This can only be repaired or re-set from a qualified engineer which is a quick fix. If this is not the fix required the boiler may need a replacement vessel.

Ferroli Boiler leaking from the base of the boiler

This is a particular fault with this brand of boilers, as the shut valves tend to wear out. The only option is to have these replaced by a qualified engineer.

Ferroli Boiler not functioning as it should

The boiler isn’t coming on at the correct time. This is highly likely to be a fault with the boilers timer. Thi is a simple and relatively cheap fix for any qualified engineer to complete.

Ferroli Boiler is only igniting for a short period of time

If the boiler is producing a puffy sound of air then the problem is likely to be with the boilers flue. This can be from a number of reasons as the boiler gets more use down the years from flue duct corrosion of loose joints within the flue. If this is the case then an engineer is required to replace all the parts.

Ferroli Boiler in ‘lock down’ mode or not firing up as it should

The printed circuit board is likely to be malfunctioned. This needs to be properly checked by an engineer to ensure that there is a supply of electricity reaching it. If this is the case, then a new PCB will need to be installed.

Ferroli Boiler Repair

If your Ferroli boiler is showing an error code, here are some pointers for you. If the code on your Ferroli boiler is not listed, let us know when you call for your repair. Please note it’s always best to look at the owner’s manual for the full list for your specific model.

Ferroli Boiler Error Code – Modena HE System

A01.    No burner ignition – possible electrode error, defective gas valve or incorrect inlet gas pressure.

A02. Flame detected with the burner off.

A03. High limit protection.

A04. Flue gas fault. 

A05. Fan error. 

A06. No flame after the ignition phase.

A41. Flow sensor error – sensor disconnected.

A42. Flow sensor error – sensor damaged.

F07. High fume temperature. 

F10. Flow sensor error. 

F11. Return sensor error.

F13. Exchanger probe error.

F14. Flow sensor.

F15.    Fan problem. 

F34. Supply voltage under 170v – electric supply error.

F35. Irregular mains frequency – electric supply problem.

F37. Incorrect system water pressure error. 

F43. Exchanger protection activation.

F52. Flow sensor. 

A61. Controller ABM03B error – controller has an internal error.

A62. No communication between controller and gas valve. 

A63 / A64 / F66. Controller ABM03B error.

Ferroli Boiler Error Codes – Ferroli iBoiler

A01. Ignition error – possible electrode fault or power too low, no gas or excessive condensate level.

A02. Electrode or card error.

A03. Heating sensor damaged, no water circulation or air in system.

F07. Air pressure switch error.

A09. Gas valve error. 

F10. Delivery sensor error, sensor damaged wiring shorted or disconnected.

F11. Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor error.

A15. Fault F05 generated 5 times within the last 24 hours – possible error with the air pressure switch.

A16. Gas valve error.

A23. Card parameter error.

F34. Supply voltage under 170V – electric mains error.

F35. Faulty mains frequency. Electric mains error.

F37. Error with system water pressure.

Ferroli Boiler Error Codes – Bluehelix

A01. No burner ignition, No gas or ignition , issue with detection electrode, faulty gas valve or insufficient gas supply pressure.

A02.    Flame signal present with burner off Electrode error or PCB error.

A05.    Fan error No 230V power supply or tachometric signal interrupted fan damaged or out of balance.

A06.     No flame after the ignition phase. 

F07 – F14 – A07. High flue gas temperature.

F08 – A08.  Overtemperature protection intervention Heating sensor damaged. No water circulation in the system or air in the system.

F09 – A09. Overtemperature protection intervention Return sensor damaged. 

F10 – A10. Flow sensor error Sensor damaged.

F11 – A11. Return sensor fault Sensor damaged.

F12. DHW sensor error Sensor damaged.

F13 – A13. Flue probe fault Probe damaged.

A14. Flue extraction duct safety device intervention.

F34. Supply voltage under 170V Electric mains trouble.

F37. Incorrect system water pressure, pressure too low.

F39. Optional external probe error. Probe is damaged or wiring shorted.

Ferroli Boiler Error Codes – Modena HE Combi

A01. No burner ignition 

A02. Flame detected with the burner off

A03.    High limit protection

A04.    Flue gas fault

A05. Fan problem

A06. No flame after ignition phase

A41. Flow sensor disconnected

A42. Flow sensor fault

F07. High fume temperature

F10. Flow sensor fault

F11. Return sensor fault

F12. Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor fault

F13. Exchange probe fault

F14. Fan problem

F15. Supply voltage under the required level

F34. Irregular mains frequency

F35. Incorrect system water pressure

F37. External probe fault sensor damaged or short circuited

F39. Exchanger protection activation – possibly caused by no system circulation, air in the system or sensor damaged

F4.3 Flow sensor fault

F52. Controller 041049G0 fault

A61. No communication between controller and gas valve controller

A62. Controller 041049G

A63 / A64 / F66. Controller DBM12 fault

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