How to Find a Trustworthy Emergency Plumber

Boiler trouble? Leaking pipes? Toilet broken? Need an emergency plumber now? Here’s how to make sure you’re calling out the right professional.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re in desperate need of an emergency plumber. But a couple thoughts are probably playing in the back of your mind:

  • What if they make things worse?
  • What if I get ripped off?
  • Can I trust this plumber?

TV shows like Rogue Traders and Watchdog have opened our eyes to the volume of swindlers out there, ready to make a quick buck off of our misfortune.

In an emergency plumbing situation, you need to act quickly, but how can you act quickly and still ensure you’re getting the right person for the job?

Here are a few quick checks you can do to make sure the plumbing service you hire is trustworthy.

Check Their Reviews

Do not take the word of anyone, other than customers who have used the plumbing service before. An emergency plumber is never going to admit to being no good at their job, but that doesn’t mean you can trust them to get the job done.

Quickly visit independent websites, such as or Trustpilot, to ensure feedback is as genuine as possible.

If the reviews from these independent websites are good, or even great, it may be the only push you need to call out that plumber — especially if the emergency is progressing rapidly.

If you need more convincing, there are some other ways of checking.

Can You Hold The Emergency Plumber Accountable?

How do you know you can trust somebody will do a good job? Because you can nail them for it if they don’t.

A plumber’s service that is hard to hold accountable. A business with no address, no website, and only a phone number or a listing on Yell is not going to feel the ramifications of a job poorly done.

An established business, with a roster of employees, a website, business address, social media accounts and more — such as us here at Plumbing Care Services — is going to be accountable for the work they do.

Therefore, we are going to do it properly.

Make sure your emergency plumber can be contacted easily and that their business is accessible. It’s easier to place trust in a company if you know you can find them if you have to.

An established business does not want bad reviews or poor customer experiences. They want repeat business and happy customers, which means they’ll do everything they can to make it so.

Is The Emergency Plumber’s Quote Too Good To Be True?

Before you ever hire any emergency plumber, get a quote. Call up and find out how much it is going to cost, roughly, to fix your emergency.

This is a tough one.

You have to rely on your sense of money and appropriate spending. Listen carefully to the quote, ask them to break down the numbers and attempt to work out whether or not their quote is fair, overpriced, or too good to be true.

The one you really want to be careful of is too good to be true.

Rogue traders will often try to undercut the market and make their offer sound too enticing to pass up. Why?

Because they aren’t concerned with doing a good job. They’ll fix the problem momentarily, take the money and scarper. By the time your emergency plumbing situation re-emerges, they’ll be long gone.  Or worse, they’ll quote low, then push it sky-high when they start or finish the work.

Get a quote that’s reasonable for the work that is required. A good job is worth paying for.

Need a quote for an emergency plumbing problem right now? Contact Plumbing Care Services right now to get the experts in!

Are They Experts In Emergency Repairs?

Emergency plumbing isn’t like your ordinary plumbing job. Plumbers need specialist skills and tools, ensuring they are capable of adapting to any situation. They can’t assess the job, then return later that afternoon with everything they need to fix it.

It needs sorting right now.

Because of this single fact, you need to be hiring a plumbing service that specialises in this sort of repair work — a service that can come out, assess the job on the spot and provide immediate solutions.

A plumber who is not a specialist in emergency repairs is unlikely to provide a satisfying and lasting result. Make sure your hire is one you believe capable of solving the problem then and there.

Looking for a specialist emergency plumber in Bristol and the surrounding areas? Need help ASAP? The team at Plumbing Care Services are the local experts, ready and waiting to solve your problems. Get in touch with us on 03333 441399 to arrange an emergency call-out now!

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