Ideal Boiler Repair

This article contains a few Ideal boiler repair pointers. If you’re not happy with looking at fixing anything and you are in the Bristol, Gloucestershire or Somerset areas, please always call us at Plumbing Care Services on  03333 441 399

Ideal Boiler Repair

Help! I need an Ideal Boiler Repair!

Is your Ideal Boiler not igniting?

If your boiler is not igniting and you have tried this procedure 3 times, your Ideal Bolier will lockout as a safety feature and your boiler will shut down. If this is the case, you will notice an orange light which displays on the front of the boiler.

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The boiler is making loud noises when igniting.

This can be quite a fright for anyone when they are trying to ignite their boiler, but it can mean that the boiler has too much gas in the chamber. 

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Gurgling noises coming from the boiler.

This will be a blocked airway to the condensate pipe. The blockage will need to be removed so your boiler works properly and there is a high possibility that you may have a minor leak.

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No display on your Ideal Boiler

This will indicate that there is no power to the boiler. This requires an engineer to come and replace the faulty component. 

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No hot water being created by your Ideal Boiler.

First thing to do is check the temperature of the hot water on the front of the boiler and also check the boilers isolation valve under the boilers cold feed is open or vertical. If this is not the case, then it is likely that problem is within the boiler itself, such as a faulty zone valve.


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F1 error code-Low water pressure.

The ‘ideal’ pressure should always be at about 1.5 bar of pressure, which can be found on the front of the boiler with the built in pressure gauge. If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in pressure and this has not been going on over a long period, then this indicates that there is possibly a leak within the system, or if you have recently bled your radiators, this will be the cause of the drop in pressure. If you have a leak in the system, turn the boiler off immediately never try to fix this yourself! Always ensure that you call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

If there is no leak within the system you can try to repressurise your Ideal Boiler. 

To resolve the issue, Ideal recommend that you should:

Turn the boiler off

Wait for the system to cool down

Repressurise the system to 1.0 bar

Bleed the radiators.

You can increase the boiler pressure yourself but don’t hesitate to contact a qualified engineer if you’d rather a professional carry out the work.

Repressurising an Ideal Boiler

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Before repressurising your Ideal boiler, you should turn the unit off and give it plenty of time to cool down. Once the system has cooled, you can increase the pressure by following these simple steps:

Find the filling loop, which is a metal hose that has 2 valves – 1 at each end.

Once located, the filling loop needs to be attached to your system. It’s important to ensure that it’s tightly secured before going any further, you may need to remove end caps from the pipes.

When it’s as secure as possible, open the valves on the filling loop which will allow water from the mains to travel into the heating system. Listen out for water flowing into the boiler, if you don’t hear anything then something isn’t right.

As the water flows into the system, the pressure should begin to increase. Keep your eye on the pressure gauge until it gets to the 1 mark – stop at this point otherwise your system will over-pressurise.

To stop the flow of water, turn the valves back to their original position.

Release the filling loop. Some water will drop out of the loop but if it’s continuously flowing then you’ll need to tighten up the valves.

Replace the end caps removed from the pipes.

ALWAYS consult the manual that came with your Ideal boiler before looking to repressurise your boiler.

Once this procedure is completed, make sure that you check the pressure on a daily basis and should the pressure remain dropping, then you will need to call an engineer to take a much closer look at what may be causing the fault codes.

If you don’t feel confident or sure of how to do this, call us now on 03333 441 399

A Bit of Ideal Boiler History

The history of Ideal goes back to 1905, when the Foundry furnace was first lit in Hull, UK and Ideal Heating (formally National Radiator Company) was born. The company went on to launch the Ideal CookanHeat which was a free standing stove in 1920 which sold very well in the local area, and the business grew from there. In 1953 the company changed its name to Ideal Standard and in 1991 the Classic combi 80 boiler was the UK’s very first cast iron combination boiler on the market. Ideal Standard have gone on to be one of the fastest growing boiler brands in the UK and have achieved many awards within the boiler sector, which makes choosing Ideal a very good choice of a boiler upgrade for any household or business. However on occasions they will require an engineer to come out and service or repair them to keep them working at the best of the boilers ability.

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