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Read on for some common Boiler Fault Codes that indicate what kind of repair your boiler needs. We know it’s stressful when your boiler isn’t working. All boilers need maintenance/ repairs and eventual replacement. We’ll help you take care of the problem.

Do you need a Keston Boiler Repair in the Bristol area? 

As with every home appliance, Keston Boilers will require regular servicing following it’s  installation by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Here at Plumbing Care Services, we are very experienced in installing Keston Boilers for our customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas. If you have a Keston boiler that isn’t working, or there is an issue with its performance, please contact us at 03333 441 399.

Reasons to love your Keston Boiler

It’s easy to get frustrated when your boiler isn’t working, but here are a few reasons to love your Keston boiler. Keston Boilers are a British owned and all of their boilers have been manufactured in the UK since 2013, where they are made in Hull. Keston Boilers offers up to 7 years for the warranties which make them a good choice for the homeowner as well as business premises around the UK. With the modern developments of boiler manufacture, Keston have produced their boilers so they can be located in any room, any place, anywhere – no compromise!

How to work a Keston Boiler

It is always a good idea to be familiar with your homes boiler and the system, so when things are not working as they should, here are a few pointers which will help when you call an engineer to repair your Keston boiler.

If your Keston boiler or the system is not producing hot water, or heating the first thing to check is that the boiler has an electrical supply. This sounds like a simple thing to check, but it can be an immediate culprit to why the boiler isn’t working. Following this you should check that the water supply is on as it should and that there are no water leaks around the base of the boiler. If you notice any water leaks, you must call a qualified engineer immediately as this indicates a serious issue that needs rectifying as soon as possible. You should also check the flue on the boiler to ensure that there are no blockages following a cold snap of weather, as on occasions this can become blocked by frozen condensate water outside of the property. If the problem is with your heating, but not your hot water supply, then there can be a problem with your systems radiators. Bleed the radiators and remember to start at the furthest radiator away from the boiler itself, and work your way nearer to help pressurise the system. If you’re not confident in doing this, it’s always a good idea to ask your engineer to do this when they come to deal with the repair. Should this fail, check the boiler for any codes which should identify the problem. Below is a list of what they mean and what you should tell your engineer when you call to arrange the repair.

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Hot water from sink - Keston Boiler Repair

Keston Boiler Error Codes

Keston boilers always display an error code to show what the issue is. Error codes only display if your system experiences one of the registered faults. These error codes will display in priority to all other information on the display. It’s important to remember that when a fault is detected your Keston boiler will go into block or lockout mode and stop functioning as a safety mechanism, which stops any issue of safety for the homeowner. Once you have identified the code, always remember to tell your Gas Safe qualified engineer when you call to arrange the repair.

F1 – Low boiler pressure

This means there is not enough water pressure. This Is a simple check on the boilers in-built pressure gauge. If this reads below 1 bar, the boilers water pressure is too low. On the Keston C40 & C55 combi boilers,  the E44 error code lets you know there’s low water pressure.

High boiler pressure (E40)

Boiler pressure is too high when the gauge reaches the red area. This much pressure puts unnecessary strain on the unit and could lead to expensive damage.

Should the pressure be too low or high, this indicates that the pressure relief valve is faulty and requires a qualified engineer to repair this problem. 

Block codes

Code What they mean

B18 Flow temperature exceeds 95°c.

B19 Return temperature exceeds 95°c.

B24 Return temperature exceeds flow temperature. 

B25 Flow temperature is rising too quickly for the boiler. This indicates a possible air lock or  blockage with the boiler’s circulation.

B26 Low water pressure.

B28 No signal from the fan. Possible faulty or disconnected fan.

B29 Incorrect signal from fan. Possible faulty fan.

B30 Difference between flow & return temperatures too high. 

B65 Waiting for the boilers fan to start.

Some C36 Keston Combination Gas Boiler Error Codes To Be Aware Of.

E01 Ignition failure – check the gas supply is on.

E02 False flame – power supply issue.

E03 Boiler overheating. 

E05 Fan failure.

E07 Flue overheat – Possible heat exchanger fault.

E24 Water pressure lost. Possible leak within the system.

E35 Mains supply – May be a problem with the power supply.

E37 Water pressure error.

E40 Water pressure is too high.

Some S30 System Keston Gas Boiler Error Codes To Be Aware Of.

0 The boiler is in standby mode.

C The boiler has a call for central heating  or hot water. The appliance has reached the required temperature set on the boiler.

F6 Outside sensor failure.

F7 Low mains voltage.

F9 Printed circuit board Fault.

Some C40 C55 Combi Gas Boiler Error Codes To Be Aware Of.

Enn Fault causing a boiler shutdown.

E00 Flame detected when not expected – check boiler earth and probe condition

E02 No ignition after restart – Engineer to check Gas supply, gas valve operation and ignitor spark generation.

E03 Gas valve faulty or not connected.

E11 Internal electronics error.

E25 Flow temperature increased too quickly.

E30 Difference between flow and return temperatures which are too high.

E44 Low water pressure

If any of the codes showing are not listed above, always check your owners manual if you have one available. 

We strive to provide a 60 minute response time to prevent any lasting damage being done to your property. Emergency plumbing repairs are our priority, so if we can get there, we will. If you need an emergency plumber immediately, please call us now on 03333 441 399.

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