Winter is Coming: Plumbers from Somerset Discuss Keeping the Cold Out

With winter on the way and with temperatures dropping, keeping warm can be a concern. Join our plumbers from Somerset as they talk about keeping out the cold during the darker months.

The clocks have gone back, the trees outside are nearly stripped bare and there’s frost on the breath in the morning. Another bitter British winter is fast approaching. As usual, tabloids are predicting months of snow and freezing temperatures, which — although often wildly inaccurate — gets you thinking about what may really be heading our way through from December.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what the weather will be like in the winter of 2018, what we do know is that it will certainly be cold and people in Britain will struggle. The cold can be difficult to deal with and even costs lives. Deaths from ailments related to the freezing temperatures hit the tens of thousands every winter, affecting both vulnerable and healthy individuals alike.

Keeping warm as temperatures plummet is crucial — something our plumbers from Somerset, experts in central heating, know all too well. So, with winter around the corner, what steps should you be taking to keep out the cold?

Upgrade Your Old Boiler Now

Roughly nine million homes across the UK are running off old, poorly maintained or inefficient boilers. Boilers that could break down at any minute. This poses a major issue.

If your boiler breaks down in the winter, you’ll be faced with mounting repair costs and potentially even a replacement. This could leave you without heating for several days or more and bring about a nasty and unexpected bill.

Preparing for winter by upgrading your system means that you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your boiler won’t break down on you, and you can be well prepared and budget for those excess costs now.

Plumbers From Somerset will Test & Maintain Your Systems

Even if your central heating systems are relatively new, there is still potential for issues to arise. From problemed radiators to blockages, nobody wants to face difficulties relating to heating their home in the coldest months of the year.

No hot water in January is no fun at all.

So how do you ensure your system will run smoothly through winter? You test it and perform any maintenance tasks that may need to be carried out.

Our plumbers from Somerset recommend an annual check of your plumbing and heating, and now is the best time of the year to do so. These checks look at your system as a whole and the individual units involved, making sure everything is working as it should be.

The benefits of these checks are not just that you can be sure your heating stays on through the winter, but it is more efficient and cost-effective, too.

Switch Your Energy Supplier

With rising energy costs comes a reluctance to turn on the central heating, which in turn leads to cold homes and unhappy families. In the UK, millions of people are overpaying for their energy bills, resulting in a strain on the wallet and that aforementioned reluctance to heat their home.

But, it needn’t be this way. Switching your energy supplier is easy and more and more people are doing it every year.

Changing your tariff and going with smaller suppliers can seriously cut the costs of your utility bills, meaning you can keep the heating on longer without fear of major financial injury.

Invest in Additional Insulation

Staying warm in the winter is all about trapping heat within your home. Unfortunately, most UK houses aren’t as insulated as they could be and heat is generally lost quite quickly through walls, attic space and flooring.

Having additional insulation installed, however, is actually not as costly as you might think. The average cost of insulating your loft space, for example, is £400. It can save you £240 in lost energy every year, paying for itself in less than two years.

In total, homeowners can hope to save around £600 by adding extra insulation to their home. Having all these extra layers plastered around your house means heat can’t so readily escape and you’ll stay warmer on those bitter winter nights, without having to power up the radiators and keep them blasting out heat 24/7.

Check On Your Friends and Family

During the winter, it might not just be you that suffers from the cold.

Family and friends, especially those in vulnerable positions — such as the sick or elderly — will also be left to fend off the freezing British temperatures. These are the people most at risk from the cold, yet may be unable to get the support they need by themselves.

Look out for those in your circle and pay attention to the temperatures in their home and the condition of their central heating systems. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions or even get help in if necessary.

Preparing for winter and need help from some experts in plumbing and heating? From maintenance to boiler replacements, our plumbers from Somerset are on hand whatever you need.

Plumbing Care Services is also here 24/7 for emergency call outs, should the worst happen during the cold winter.

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