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As with all boilers, Gledhill Thermal Store Heaters can experience some common faults, and can be prone to problems with the electrical supply, and faults in the thermostat and the immersion heater. Here at Plumbing Care Services we have the knowledge to fix these boilers repairs and any new installations.

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A quick history of Gledhill Thermal Store and Gledhill Boilers

The company was started in 1926 by two brothers called Norman and Joe Gledhill when they began producing copper water cylinders for domestic properties in their premises located in Blackpool, U.K. Post World War 2 the family then manufactured cylinders for plumbers. Since then the company has gone on to produce some quality water heating cylinders which are at the forefront of green energy heating cylinders in the U.K, and in 2015, Gledhill was acquired by The Groupe Atlantic, an international manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions. The company now has more than 5,900 employees worldwide, with 20 factories across Europe distributing their products to over 100 countries around the globe.

Common repairs for Gledhill Thermal Stores and Gledhill Boilers

Gledhill PCB (printed circuit board) Failure  – Your hot water heater is controlled by a printed circuit board and if this fails, your supply of hot water will be cut off. This can be for a number of reasons, such as a simple loss of connection or it simply burns out through use.

Gledhill Heating Element Failure  – The heating elements within the cylinder are there to warm the water before its use. If this fails, you will have no hot water at all. There are usually 2 Heating Elements to the more modern cylinders to reduce the consumption of energy and to ensure a more reliable hot water supply to your home. If this has failed, it will need to be replaced by a qualified professional.

Gledhill Water Leaks – Water leaks are one of the most common problems we experience with Gledhill Boilers. As the Thermal Store is connected to electrical lines, any leaks must be dealt with immediately, due to the safety concerns. You must contact a qualified engineer immediately if you notice any water leak within the Thermal Store System.

Repair Gledhill Thermal Store - Water leaks

Gledhill Water pressure loss – If you notice that the water pressure in your water is greatly reduced, this obviously indicates a problem with the water pressure within your Gledhill Boiler. This will require a diagnostic test to see where the leak is coming from. As a homeowner we do not suggest that you try to tackle this by yourself as it requires a qualified and knowledgeable engineer to complete any repairs. If you try to do this yourself, you can place you and your family in real danger of injury. However, there may be some things that you can try to look for before you call us here at Plumbing Care Services.

Gledhill No flow of water – Check the water flow to your hot water heater. If there is little or no water flow to your boiler, then there will be no hot water available and this needs rectifying immediately. The place to check this is at your mains to ensure that this has not been turned off or an interruption of the supply of water to your home.

Gledhill No Power available – Check the power supply to your boiler. If there is no available power then you need to call a qualified and competent engineer to check this for you.

Gledhill No Hot Water on a Thermal Store – Problems with the Blending Valve.

The Blending Valves eventually fail through constant use and when this occurs you will notice a slight change in the hot water temperature, and eventually you will not have any hot water available. There are a couple of things you can do to see if this is the fault.

Adjust the valve by turning the the blending valve to its minimum setting. Check the hot and cold inlet pipes to make sure there is a large difference in the heat. The cold water tap should feel the same as the cold inlet pipe.

Adjust the valve again by turning it to its maximum and the water temperature should raise to 55 deg centigrade if the blending valve is working as it should. If this does not fix the problem, then the valve requires a replacement.

Gledhill No hot water –  Issues with the Plate Heat Exchanger.

As the passageways to the exchanger can become clogged up with dirt and limescale over time, the water within the cylinder can’t be moved to the main water line, which leads to cold water. If this is the case, then the plate heat exchanger will require servicing by a competent engineer. Do not try this yourself!

Gledhill Problems with the Boilers Pump – As with most things within a boiler, pumps are quite susceptible to failure. If this is the case then this needs to be replaced as the water cannot be heated.  This is an easy fix for any qualified engineer.

Gledhill Immersion Heater –  As Thermal Store water heaters use an Immersion Heater to warm the water within the cylinder these fail quite often due to usage. An indicator of these failures is that there is no hot water from the hot water taps. This is an easy fix for any qualified engineer, but not for an unqualified homeowner. 

Gledhill Thermostat failure – As most thermostats are set to 75 degrees centigrade and this should never be changed at all. If this has failed, then the immersion heater will not be able to work at all and there will be no hot water. A thermostat is a very quick fix for a qualified engineer to complete in little time, once it has been diagnosed.

Gledhill Control Unit – Should the control unit be set incorrectly, or there is a failure within the unit, then this will mean that there is no hot water available. CHeck the control settings and if they are as they should be, then the control unit will likely be replaced.

Gledhill Overflow Pipe is discharging water – This is a safety feature which allows the excess water flow away from the system without harming it. This can be down to the float valve (unless the system is controlled by a manual filling loop) which may have failed.

Glehdill Low Water Level – To correct this all that is required s is to fill the system with the right level of water, and this should resume normal functioning of the boiler.

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