Repair Worcester Bosch Boiler in Bristol Gloucestershire and Somerset

Considering replacing your boiler or needing to repair a Worcester Bosch boiler? Find out all you need to know about choosing and repairing a Worcester Bosh boiler from Plumbing Care Services!

Buy British with Worcester Bosch

Since the introduction of Worcester Boilers to the U.K. in 1962, the brand has developed into one of the most reliable manufactured boiler brands available to households. In 1992, the company was purchased by Robert Bosch, and the company was re-named Worcester Bosch. 

Following this, Worcester Bosch’s products have been recognised independently by the UK’s largest consumer body, “Which?”, who awarded their ‘Best Buy’ awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 to products in the companies Gas range of boilers.

Worcester Bosch are a premium brand, and all their products are manufactured from the very best and reliable parts available. Alongside this fact, Worcester Bosch provides some of the quietest boilers on the market today, which places them as one one of the most popular branded gas boilers installed in U.K. homes today. 

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Repair Worcester Bosch Bristol

Maintenance Helps Reduce Worcester Bosh Repairs

If you choose to have us install a new boiler, make sure that your Worcester Bosch boiler is maintained to the very highest standards and serviced at suitable intervals. Our affordable annual boiler service help you to make the best of your investment within your home.

As we all know things can go a miss with any product purchased, and it is likely that service maintenance and repairs will need to be completed as time goes on. One of the best ways of ensuring that any major repairs in the future are taken care of before any expensive repairs are required, is to arrange a yearly service of your Worcester Bosch boiler in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset, with your reliable Gas Safe Registered service team here at Plumbing Care Services by calling 03333 441 399.

Here are some of the reasons for booking an annual boiler service for your Worcester Bosch every year.

  • Increased efficiency of your Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler, to ensure that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient way and doesn’t increase your energy bill unnecessarily.
  • Increased reliability of your Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler.
  • Ensure that there is no risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  • Check for any Gas Leaks and Pipe Work.
  • Testing all components and parts of your Worcester Bosch Boiler.
    • Cleaning of the boiler pipes/ components.
  • Replace faulty parts and check filters.

During the service and repair of your Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler, your Gas Safe Registered Team Member at Plumbing Care Services checks all the above to ensure that your Worcester Bosch Boiler continues to work as it should, for as long as possible, without any big and possibly avoidable expensive repairs.

Repair Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27i-30i System

Repair Worcester Bosch

Corrosion inhibitor for your Worcester Bosch

Adding a corrosion inhibitor to your Worcester Bosch gas boiler system can also make sure that your boiler lasts longer, and is a very good addition to your system to help reduce repair costs, improve the quality of your water, conserve energy, and improve safety. This should be part of your yearly maintenance service to check for the concentration level of the water inhibitor. 

Here are some of the obvious indications that you need to call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer for your Worcester Bosch boiler repair

  • No Hot Water. 

Check the thermostat to make sure that this is set correctly. This can also be down to a low water pressure which can be checked on your Worcester Bosch Boiler gauge. If it is reading lower than 1, then this is the culprit! However if this is not the case, then there may be a chance that a broken or faulty part needs to be replaced. Next thing to do is call your Gas Safe Registered Engineer at Plumbing Care Services in Bristol, covering Gloucestershire and Somerset.

  • Pilot light not on, or is orange/yellow in colour (which should normally be blue)

Check the Gas supply is on before doing anything! If the gas lever is on then there are some other reasons for this such as:

      • The pilot light was blown out by a slight draft.
      • The Boilers thermocouple is damaged.
    • There is some build up in the pilot light.
  • Strange loud banging, whistling, clanking or tapping noises coming from your boiler.

Although it can sound rather scary, this can be a fairly simple problem which is possibly an easy fix.

    • Air is in the boiler’s system which can cause corrosion of the pipes and parts.
    • Some pipes may of come away from it’s fixing and the noise from the pipes banging can transfer to the boiler. Your Gas Safe Registered Engineer at Plumbing Care Services in Bristol can refit or adjust your systems pipes and fittings.
    • Pump failure of the boiler. Your Gas Safe Registered Engineer at Plumbing Care Services will check for this and replace the pump to ensure the boiler is running noise free!
  • The pressure gauge on your boiler shows a high pressure instead of continuing at a steady pressure.

Check the owner’s manual to show you how to decrease the water pressure should this be necessary.

  • If your Worcester Bosch Boiler is not working as it should, there are a few things you can do before calling a Gas Safe Registered Engineer in Bristol.
    • Look at the display unit for any flashing lights or error codes. If this is the case, you can look at the owner’s manual to see what it relates to.
    • Check all switches and valves on your Worcester Bosch Boiler are all on, to ensure that these are all working as they should. One handy tip is to see if any of your other appliances are working as they should. If so, then your boiler is the culprit.
    • During winter, your condensation pipe may of frozen. If this is the case then your Worsester Bosch Boiler will shut down as a safety mechanism. This can be thawed out quite easily and should fix the problem.
    • If your Worcester Bosch boiler pressure is showing the correct level of pressure, and you are still having issues, you’ll need to contact your qualified Gas Safe Engineer.

To book a repair or your yearly maintenance service of your Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset, call the experts at Plumbing Care Services today at 03333 441 399. (Local rate even for mobiles) 

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