Somerset Plumbing Checklist: How to Inspect Your Property for Problems

Want to know where you should be looking for potential plumbing disasters? Our plumbers from Somerset take a look at the crucial areas of the home known for causing problems.

Plumbing issues can seemingly crop up at any moment, ruining your afternoon and putting a serious dent in your bank account. While it may seem like these problems have appeared completely out of the blue, most plumbing issues actually have early, telltale signs.

For homeowners, keeping a lookout for these potential problems is essential. A keen eye and a plumbing checklist can help avoid unforeseen costs and ensure repairs are made well before there is an actual problem.

So where should you be looking for these problems? To help you avoid calamity, our Somerset plumbing experts have compiled this list of common culprits and areas of the home that anyone can check.

Somerset Plumbing Experts Explain: What Are You Looking For?

Examine your property and find all plumbing elements that are visible without having to perform actions like digging or removing walls. Look at their condition and search for signs of potential problems. These include cracks, signs of frost or freezing in the winter, damage from animals or rusting, etc. You should also be listening to your plumbing, too. Are there any weird noises, such as gurgling sounds or internal drips, when you run your kitchen taps? The goal is to discover anything out of the ordinary; something that may turn from mundane to catastrophe.

The most common plumbing elements are pipework, but also include tubes, valves, or anything else used to channel or control the flow of your central heating and water.

If you find an element that is looking worse for wear, note it down and monitor the situation. If it’s looking in a really poor condition or gets progressively worse, it’s time to have this portion of your plumbing replaced.

Plumbing Property Checklist

Now we’ve established what to look out for, we need to establish where you should be checking. These are the common areas of the house you should be checking for problems:

Inspect Exterior Plumbing

External plumbing is an element that is often ignored but actually faces the most stress. Exposed to freezing temperatures, wildlife and the elements, exterior plumbing is particularly susceptible — especially when left uncovered. Be comprehensive when surveying the outside of your home and make sure you don’t miss any plumbing elements when checking for damage.

Check the Attic, Garages and Basement Spaces

More often ignored areas of plumbing are spaces such as the attic or a basement — parts of the property you rarely, if ever, visit. These places are cold, sometimes damp, and have the potential to wear on plumbing systems quicker than in the more open spaces of your house. Go through these attic, garage and basement spaces to check that plumbing and pipes are in good condition.

Inspect Under the Sink

Sinks in the bathroom or kitchen are plumbing fixtures that get perhaps the most use. Our Somerset plumbing experts are often called out for plumbing emergencies relating to leaks under the sink, purely because sink piping undergoes such a heavy amount of usage that it suffers from wear-and-tear far quicker than other elements in your home. Be sure to regularly look for problems under the sink, keeping an eye out for rust around connecting elements in particular.

Checking The Boiler

Boilers are notorious for their problems. From failing to start to being temperamental, it’s unlikely you’ve managed to avoid facing some kind of boiler drama in your lifetime. Boiler maintenance is important, helping to keep the appliance running for its suggested 10-15 year lifespan — which is why it should feature prominently on your checklist. Check around the boiler for not only cracks or rust in adjoining pipework, but also mildew or mould associated with the heat coming off the appliance. This is also a prime plumbing element you should be listening to. With so many moving parts inside that you cannot access, the best way to determine whether or not there are unseen issues are through telltale sounds like kettling.

Check Toilets, Showers and Baths

Besides sinks, toilets, showers and baths are the probably the highest source of plumbing-related traffic in your house. The problem is, these are items that are commonly used and out in the open, which may result in you believing you’re well aware of their condition. However, there are hidden elements to these utilities that can develop problems and, if possible, should be checked. The cistern is one place full of potential problems and should be checked regularly if accessible. If you can remove the panelling of your bath, it’s also a good idea to check the pipework beneath as well.

Check your Radiators

Radiators are vital for keeping your house warm, especially during the winter months. Radiators are also the plumbing elements that experience the issues most commonly. Luckily, they also tend to be the easiest to fix. Check your radiators for problems by looking at the pipework and listening to them, but also by touching them to see if they are warming correctly. It’s common for problems to occur, such as blockages and for radiators to only partially heat.

Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid plumbing problems. If you’ve been struck with an emergency situation, be sure to contact our Somerset plumbing experts at Plumbing Care Services today. We’ll send out a qualified and trustworthy professional to help sort your problems and get you back on track.  

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