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If you need a Vaillant boiler repair in Bristol call – Plumbing Care Services – Bristol’s top Vaillant boiler specialist.

Vaillant have been producing gas boilers for over 100 years now, and have always been at the forefront of design and innovation in the heating industry. There are many thousands of Vaillant boilers in active service in and around Bristol, the most common of which are the Vaillant Turbomax and Vaillant Ecotec ranges.

With so many Vaillant boilers in operation in the area we carry out Vaillant boiler service jobs and Vaillant boiler repair jobs on a daily basis – so the Vaillant boiler repair experts at Plumbing Care Services know these fine boilers inside out. Our Gas Safe heating engineers are also Vaillant Advance installers, meaning that we can provide extended warranties on all new Vaillant boiler installation jobs in Bristol and the Southwest.

Vaillant boiler repair | Vaillant Boiler Service Bristol

Vaillant Boiler Repair in Bristol

The Bristol heating & combination boiler repair engineers at Plumbing Care Services have been servicing and repairing Vaillant boilers for decades;we encounter so many on our day to day life we truly believe that what we don’t know about Vaillant boilers isn’t worth knowing!

Vaillant boilers are and always have been generally very well designed and built, utilising quality components throughout such as Grundfos pumps, Giannoni heat exchangers and quality brass components for most water carrying parts.

Naturally however, as with any boiler problems can occur from time to time. Our Vaillant boiler repair engineers do come across the odd Vaillant boiler with a punctured expansion vessel, or a faulty PCB, however these are generally few and far between.

Most issues we encounter with Vaillant boilers are as a result of either incorrect installation or hydraulic issues caused by dirty system water. As with all heating systems it is important that the water in the radiators is clean or it will damage the boiler in the long term. If we find that a dirty heating system is damaging a Vaillant boiler we will always recommend a heating system clean and for a magnetic filter to be fitted to ensure the boiler repair does not need to be repeated. Vaillant Boiler Repair | Bristol Vaillant boiler service

Vaillant Boiler Repair & Vaillant Fault Code Display

Our Vaillant boiler repair engineers carry several parts for Vaillant boilers as van stock, and so we are well equipped to deal with many Vaillant boiler fault callouts.

Most newer Vaillant boilers less than 15 years old have on board diagnostics which can help with boiler faultfinding. We have listed the most common Vaillant boiler fault codes below for any customers experiencing such issues:

Vaillant Boiler Model Fault Code Remedy
F.00 NTC Fault Call an engineer
F.22 Insufficient Water Pressure Repressurise Boiler
F.24 Pump Related Fault Check Pressure - If OK Call Engineer
F.28 No Ignition Ensure Gas to Property - If OK Call Engineer
F.75 Pump Related Check Pressure - If OK Call Engineer
F.76 Boiler Overheating Call Engineer

There are a number of other fault codes not listed for the various Vaillant boiler models out there, but the ones above represent a significant number of the visits that our Bristol Vaillant boiler repair engineers encounter when making emergency callout boiler repair visits.

As you will see, boiler pressure issues make up a significant part of our repair roster. If you Vaillant boiler pressure is low have a look at this video relating to the Vaillant Ecotec Plus:


Vaillant Boiler Service Bristol

Our Bristol heating engineers are experts at repairing and servicing Vaillant models. We are frequently called out to a Vaillant boiler repair in Bristol, only to find that the boiler simply requires a thorough service to bring it back to life.

As a minimum on any Vaillant boiler repair or service visit our engineers will carry out the following work to ensure safety and compliance with Gas Safe regulations:

  • Visual check on all components inside & out
  • Checking compliance with installation requirements
  • Checking the safety & effectiveness of the flue system
  • Checking the gas pressure and / or heat input
  • Checking safety devices & case seals
  • Advice on any components which require cleaning and / or replacement
  • Final check on operation following works carried out

We find that adherence to the above procedure ensures an effective and safe Vaillant boiler repair & service visit each and every time we work on any boiler. We are the most trusted boiler service company covering Bedminster, Bishopston, Clifton, Thornbury, St Pauls and all of Bristol so you can rest assured of an excellent job from start to finish.

Call now for a Vaillant Boiler Repair in Bristol or use the contact form on this page for a quick callback. We service & repair Vaillant Boiler systems all year round.

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