Viessmann Boiler repair in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset

Although the majority of Viessmann boilers come with a 5 year warranty as standard, it may be time for a Viessman Boiler repair. We can help in identifying the possible issues that may arise and provide the repairs you need.

About your Viessman Boiler repair

It’s frustrating when you have a problem with your boiler. All boilers need regular maintenance and are likely to need repairs and eventually replacement, whatever the manufacturer. The Viessmann Group is an international manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems based in Allendorf, Germany. The company has been in business since 1917 and is an established provider with a very extensive range of products for residential and commercial premises. Viessmann specialise in Condensing Boilers, Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic systems, as well as Heat Pumps, ventilation & Air Conditioning. Be reassured that Viessman make quality boilers, and all of our heating engineers are fully trained to repair your boiler.

Viessman boiler repair - don't put up with a cold house

Error Code on your Viessmann boiler

Initially if you have an error code on your Viessmann Boiler, you can call us right away 03333 441 399. If you are curious about the error code, click on the link below which will show you the fault codes. If you find the problem, simply call us today with the code error, so we will have an idea of what is going on before we arrive. 

Viessmann Fault Codes

Error – Your Viessmann boilers pressure is too low

Initially when the system doesn’t work as it should you might be a little concerned,  but should the pressure be too low, it may be an easy fix for you to do yourself. To do this, have a quick look at the front of your Viessmann boiler for the pressure gauge. If the reading is 1 or less, then you have found the problem. You will need to check for any possible leaks or if the radiators haven’t been bled, then this is also something quick and easy to do. 

How to bleed your systems radiators

To bleed a radiator you will need a radiator key, or flat screwdriver in hand, along with an old rag! Locate the square ring on the side of the radiator and then ensure that the heat has been turned off before the next step. Give this a little time so the radiator has a chance to properly cool down and settle completely before bleeding.

Ensure the intake & exit valves are open on the radiator, then insert the radiator key into the radiators bleed valve. Turn this slowly counter clockwise to open the valve and to allow air out of the radiator. You should hear a hissing noise and some drops of water from the radiator will be released and this is when the rag will come in handy to grab the water, which can be quite messy from the corrosion and build up of sludge from the cooling system. (This can also be causing a blockage). When the water squirts out of the radiator instead of a slow release you have released all of the air in the radiator, so now is the time to fully re tighten the bleed valve. Make sure there are no leaks coming from the radiator.

You then repeat this process for all of your radiators to ensure that all excess air has been removed from the system. A good tip is to start at the top of the house, or at the furthest radiator from the boilers position.

bleed your systems radiators

Please remember that it may be necessary to bleed some radiators more than once. If this still doesn’t fix the problem you need a professional engineer to inspect the system fully as there may be a leak somewhere, or another issue with the boiler itself.

Following the radiators being bled you will need to re-pressurise your Viessmann boiler. The thing to do at this stage is to call the Gas Safe experts at Plumbing Care Services today at 03333 441 399!

After the radiators have been bled and the boiler re-pressurised, a good idea is to occasionally check the pressure gauge. If you see the pressure drop, call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer at Plumbing Care Services so we can investigate this for you and make sure you don’t have a leak.

Still a low reading on the boiler pressure?

Another thing to look at if the pressure is still low following re filling the system is that your Viessmann Boiler may also have a slight leak, which can lead to a fault in the system and a significant drop in pressure. If you notice that there is any small leak of water coming from your boiler or system, please call us immediately as you need a Gas Safe Engineer to do the investigation.

Viessman Error Code F4EE – Frozen Condensate Pipe

If the weather is below freezing another culprit for heating problems can be a frozen condensate pipe which leads outside. If your boiler has an error code of F4EE, then this is the problem. If this is the reading, then your Viessmann boiler will shut down as a matter of safety for the homeowner and to ensure that the boiler doesn’t flood. 

In many cases, your Viessmann boiler will display an error code to make you aware, but if your boiler doesn’t have such a code then a blocked pipe can also be found by a gurgling noise coming from your system. Remember if your boiler was working as it should before the cold snap of weather, then this is a strong indication that the condensation pipe is the issue here. Once we help you identify the problem and thaw out the pipe, we will need to reboot your Viessmann boiler for you. 

Burner Blockage

Another possible thing to consider if you have not located the issue so far is you may have a Burner blockage in your Viessmann boiler. If this is the case, then your boiler will stop working. The best thing to do is to call a Gas Safe Engineer, so they can safely locate the blockage and repair the problem for you. This is something that a homeowner must never attempt to do.

No hot water but heating works?

This is likely to be a faulty diverter valve in your boiler. If you have heating and no hot water then the only thing to do at this stage is to call the experts at Plumbing Care Services today at 03333 441 399 so we can investigate and fix this for you.

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